Market dynamics of Vitamin B6 in first half of 2011

2011-08-22    Hit:11895

The export volume of Vitamin B6 and its derivates is 1860 ton in the first half of 2011. The export volume of Vitamin B6 (pharmaceutical, food and feed grades) takes up 99.59% in the total volume and the export volume is about 34.34 million Yuan, down 9.81% and than 9.68% respectively in export volume and value than the same time of last year. The average price of Vitamin B6 in the first half year is 17.90$/kg. The export volumes of pharmaceutical, food and feed grades are 62.23%
26.17% and 11.13% respectively.

Chinas Vitamin B6 is exported to 65 countries and areas in first half year and the top 3 destination countries are USA, Germany and India. The proportions are also big exported to Indonesia, Holland and Belgium. The number of destination countries increases than the same time of last year. In the top 5 destination countries, the export proportions to Japan obviously decreases and the proportions of others maintain stable.

Now the supply is tense and the export slows down. The average export increases to 19.07$/kg from 17.91$/kg in Jan. It is expected that the export will turn good and the price will increase continuously.